Welcome to Prairie Country Music Association

The heart and soul of country music in Western Canada.

Welcome to the Prairie Country Music Association (PCMA), the heart and soul of country music in Western Canada.

Covering the vast prairies, our association is a thriving community. We’re deeply committed to the growth, celebration, and forward thinking in our cherished industry. We’ve built our ethos on inclusivity, ensuring every member, from fans to artists, feel a sense of belonging and pride.

As we look at our living skies, rising mountains, and vast lakes, our vision is clear: to be a beacon for country music in Alberta, Saskatchewan, and Manitoba. We are champions of diversity, unity, and innovation. Always striving to be proactive in our endeavours.

Join us in creating harmonious music together. Be a part of our vibrant community, and let us take country music to unparalleled heights.


About Us

Welcome to the Prairie Music Country Music Association, a harmonious blend of tradition and innovation. We are a proud community, dedicated to celebrating, supporting, and elevating country music across the Canadian Prairies.

Our commitment to inclusivity, progress, and ethical values ensures every voice is heard and cherished.


Experience the heart and soul of prairie country music through out engaging and invitational events. From intimate workshops to grand award ceremonies, PCMA events are a celebration of Prairie talent, community, and rich heritage of country music.

Stay tuned for unforgettable moments to bring us closer together.



Join our inclusive and progressive family inside the Prairie Country Music Association.

You’ll gain access to exclusive benefits, opportunities to shine, and network with like- minded individuals. We are more than an association, we are a community, unified in our passion to commitment to the future of country music.

News & Updates

Stay in the know with PCMA New and Updates. Dive into the latest news, up and coming artists, and exciting events from our association. We’re not just about today, we’re shaping the future of country music on the prairies.

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